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Scenic introduction

        The Pearl Spring Scenic Area is a provincial-level tourist resort and a national-level water conservancy scenic spot. The scenic spot has obvious advantages and diversified traffic. It is closely connected with the main city of Nanjing through the Yangtze River Bridge, the Third Bridge, the Weiqi Road Crossing River Tunnel and the Nanjing Metro Line 4, and has good accessibility.

        The Pearl Springs are Mountain blue, Water show, Odd spring, and Beautiful stone, Beautiful scenery and excellent ecological environment. The scenery is beautiful and the ecological environment is excellent. It was famous in the Southern and Northern Dynasties more than 1,500 years ago. There are not only large-scale amusement parks such as roller coasters that young people like, but also children's favorite safari parks. It is also the birthplace of Zen Buddhism. The Zen ancestor Dharma has been immersed in Zen for nine years, leaving many relics and legends. 24 famous Chinese and foreign architectural artists designed by the famous Chinese and foreign architectural artists. The Quartet Contemporary Art Lake District (China International Architectural Art Practice Exhibition) is in harmony with the environment of mountains, water, springs and forests.

Scenic honor

  • 1
    Ancient Emperor Guanqiquan.
  • 2
    National AAAA Level Tourist Attractions.
  • 3
    National Water Conservancy Scenic Area.
  • 4
    Provincial tourist resort, municipal forest park.
  • 5
    Peaceful scenic spot.
  • 6
    "Best outdoor leisure" self-driving tour base
  • 7
    Four-star park (scenic area)

Featured Attractions

The Pearl Spring Scenic Area has been characterized by mountains, water, springs and forests. It is supported by the Quartet International Architecture Art Exhibition, the Famous Stone Art Museum, the Wildlife Ecological Park and large-scale amusement facilities. It is a fusion of food, shelter, tourism and leisure. The resort is a tourist resort with an annual tourist reception of about 2 million visitors.

Pearl Spring is a comprehensive tourist attraction centered on mountains and centered on springs. The mountains in the area are undulating, Furong Peak, Miaofeng Peak, Lion Peak, patchwork, peaks and undulations, mountains and waters, mountains and rivers, mountains, green waters, springs, and stone beauty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties The reputation of “the first scenic spot in Jiangbei” has been hailed in the north and south of the Yangtze River. In 1984, it was listed as the 40th scene of Jinling. In the same year, there was a gate-style gate. Later, it built more than 30 scenic spots and entertainment projects, including golf course, water bamboo pole, Nanjing Great Wall, and sightseeing cableway. It is a comprehensive service place integrating leisure, vacation and sightseeing.

The Pearl Springs water in the core of the scenic spot rises from the cracks in the bottom of the pool, such as the string of pearls, hence the name “Pearl Spring”; the sky is far away, and the bubbles that pop out of the water burst and cause the water droplets to splash on the water like a raindrop. Also known as "Eye Rain Spring"; if a visitor hits the palm of the spring, the water drops will be more joyful, and it seems to welcome the guests, also known as "Xike Spring." Three springs in a spring are amazing.

  • One spring three scenes
  • Silver waterfall
  • Great Wall
  • Water world
  • Wild zoo
  • Jin Suxin amusement park
  • Jingshan lake bamboo rafts

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