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Blue and White Porcelain Pottery Activity Center

  The Blue and White Porcelain Pottery Activity Center is about 150 meters away from the west gate of Pearl Spring Scenic Area. It covers an area of 1,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 700 people. It is the science education base of Jiangsu Province, the quality education base of Jiangsu Education Press, and the Research Institute of Ancient Ceramics of Jiangsu Province. Research Base. The pottery center is equipped with advanced equipment to meet different forms of works. There are three electric kiln and two gas kiln for different temperatures. There are more than ten kinds of experience courses: blanking, clay sculpture and engraving. , printing, decals, painting, blue and white, glaze, etc. The Blue and White Porcelain Ceramics Activity Center attracts Chinese and foreign guests from Nanjing and surrounding areas. Not only kindergartens and schools use this place as the first choice for quality education. More and more enterprises and institutions also organize employees to come here to let everyone experience together. The charm of traditional culture.

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