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Jingshan lake bamboo rafts

  Bamboo rafts are made of bamboo and are made of bamboo. They are very popular in the southern part of the Yangtze River. They have a very long history and can be said to be very interesting and attractive. Because the bamboo raft is light and simple, flexible and simple to make, it was once the main means of transportation for the ancient people.Nowadays, the function of bamboo rafts is more entertaining and leisure. At the Pearl Springs Lake, the bamboo raft is a very popular traditional project. On the bamboo raft, you can temporarily leave the noisy urban life and enjoy the wild landscape. If you are tired, you can also put your feet into the water, let the coolness of the lake penetrate the heart, you can also hold the bamboo row on the shore, stop under the shade of the willow, and experience the beauty of quietness.

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