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Silver waterfall

  During the tour, you may notice that there are many large and small waterfalls in the scenic area. They are all flowing from the source of pearl spring water, and gradually formed with the change of the terrain. This is one of the characteristics of our scenic spot, “Tenli Listening Spring”. Among them, the Yinyin Waterfall is the largest waterfall in the “Shili Tingquan”. When the waterfall here is left behind, in the sun, the water drops will shine like silver, so it has to be called the Silver Waterfall. Under the Yingyin Waterfall, there are many high-end ornamental fish, the Koi, which are popular in the world. Here, the joyful koi that swims around symbolizes the meaning of the carp jumping dragon gate. The carp jumping dragon gate means flying yellow and the official transport is prosperous.

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