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One spring three scenes

  "The distance between the mirror and the lake is long, and I don't know the difference between the cliffs of Zhuquan." Pearl Spring is hidden under the inconspicuous cliffs. "One spring and three scenes" is world-famous. Spring water spews out from the limestone cracks at the bottom of the pool. Its jets are like beads, beads are in a string, round and crystal, and endless. The clear bottom of the pool, crystal and round beads, flourishing and dynamic, like the golden dragon spit beads, such as Xianxu Xianbao, like a fairy whisper, visitors calm, listen, its artistic concept is wonderful, so named "Pearl "Spring"; the water bubbles that popped up on the surface of the water burst like water droplets jumping on the water surface, accompanied by water vapor, like dripping rain, such as waterdrop dance, the sun shadow mask cool attack, giving people a sense of summer autumn The name is "Qingyuquan"; when the spring hits the palm or sings high songs, the more the water drops are rushing, the more people have the true feelings and the passion, the two emotions are connected with each other, I don’t know how deep the pearls are, but see the mirror lake stretches, Such a combination of form and spirit, hence the name "Xi Kequan." Spray beads, beads rain, hi guests, one spring three landscapes.

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